The Company

From the largest media companies in the world to the start-up community, Patrice and her team are a full-service production company that helps organizations (no matter how big or small) tell their most compelling stories through video. They have an innate understanding of how to take a passionate concept and translate that into an effective and compelling video narrative and strategy.

Patrice Poltzer


Patrice has more than a decade of experience telling stories and turning those stories into engaging video content for the world’s biggest media and social platforms. She’s A Gracie-Award winning video journalist, an Emmy-nominated former TODAY show producer and a digital video consultant. Her background leans heavy on video storytelling content and communications and she’s a big believer in rolling up sleeves and that all hands are meant to get dirty.

Patrice is also the founder of Citykin, a new platform that connects families around the world who are raising kids in cities. City parents need to know there are other “crazies” around the world who are stealing all their children’s backyard swing set dreams in the name of having 56 amazing sushi and coffee places one block from home. She also founded First Bites, -a video-centric restaurant review platform for families.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Olly and two young sons who get caught in the crosshairs of all her video-making content. She’s loves putting a camera in their faces all in the in name of “making family memories” which will be remembered fondly in their future therapy sessions. In fact, it’s these experiences which inspired her to combine her professional expertise with her passion for family and motherhood.